Emergency assistance, call 112 if needed, perform mouth-to-stoma artificial respiration

Emergency assistance in laryngectomy patients

The neck stoma is the only airway following laryngectomy.

Mouth-to-mouth and mouth-to-nose artificial respiration is ineffective in laryngectomy patients.

Only mouth-to-neck artificial respiration can save them

A plaster may have been applied around the stoma containing a filter, also called HME of artificial nose. It serves to moisten, warm and filter the air. This filter may also be inserted in a tube or button. This is a plastic (curved) tube in the stoma. The filter must be removed prior to artificial respiration. The tube or button can remain in place. PLEASE NOTE: If tracheotomy has been performed, the cannula should in principle not be removed, unless the outer cannula may also be obstructed, e.g. by mucus or crusts. This is at the discretion of a competent physician.


Place the head straight. Remove the filter. Leave any plaster, tube or button in place. With one hand lift the neck, making the stoma accessible. With the other hand, close the mouth and nose to prevent leakage through a voice prosthesis (close the nose between your thumb and index finger and place the rest of your hand over the mouth).

Now place the mouth over the stoma and blow sufficient air in to make the chest rise. Then let the air out, allowing the chest to fall again.

Continue resuscitation until the victim moves, opens his/her eyes and obviously breathes normally and autonomously or until paramedics come to take over.