Caring for the skin surrounding the tracheostoma

The skin around the stoma should be cleaned daily with water, soap-free gel or other suitable agents. Mucus crusts are best dissolved with a saline solution. An attempt can be made to remove visible crusts using tweezers (with gauze) or a swab.

To protect the skin against coughed up mucus and plaster glue, a fluid may be applied around the stoma which dries into a fluid-repellent layer within two minutes. As an additional benefit, plaster adhesion is improved.

Crusts can be removed using encrustation tweezers (with a piece of gauze) or swab.

If the skin is damaged, oil or ointment may be used. It is recommended to use the ointment or oil during the night only or at times the plaster is not used. Ointment or oil will diminish plaster adhesion.