Various types of protective shawls

If the skin does not tolerate any plaster (yet), a protective cover may be used which is attached in front of the stoma to protect the tracheostoma.

For example, the skin surrounding the stoma may become irritated during irradiation. Plasters are then unpleasant on the skin. Covers will frequently be the only type of respiratory protection during the irradiation period.

There are protective covers for single use (so-called disposable covers) and protective covers that can be washed and reused.

Foam disposable gauzes

A thin foam gauze with 1 or 2 adhesive strips. These foam gauzes provide airway protection.

Washable protective covers, polonecks and shawls.

Protective covers come in various types (such as polonecks and shawls), materials (cotton or synthetic) and thicknesses.

Like the foam gauzes, the covers provide airway protection.
The degree of this 'filter function' depends on the cover type.

 Washable protective covers and shawls 

  Polo neck