Acknowledgement and sources

This app was designed in response to regular complaints from Patients foundation HOOFD-HALS (PVHH) (earlier NSvG, laryngectomy patients foundation) members. The PVHH developed this app in collaboration with the Netherlands Working Group of Head/Neck Tumours NWHHT and the Paramedic Working Group for Head/Neck Tumours PWHHT. Laryngectomy is rare. An estimated 2000-2500 people in the Netherlands have undergone laryngectomy. Consequently, medical professionals, paramedics and other care providers often have little experience with and knowledge of tracheostoma surgery and care following laryngectomy. The aim of this app is to provide patients and their carers with documentation to enable medical professionals, paramedics and other care providers to perform adequate tracheostoma care.

This is a unique collaboration between the patient association, paramedics and medical professionals. The NWHHT sponsored the development of this app. The PVHH expresses its gratitude to them.

Many have contributed to the content of this app, including medical professionals, paramedics and field experts. We thank them for their efforts.

We especially acknowledge the REshape & Innovation Center, who have helped us to initiate this project. It was an enlightening and refreshing experience to collaborate in this project with these creative people.